iMaths Challenge

Here are the rules for the weekly iMaths Challenge:
  1. Every Thursday one or more challenge questions will be uploaded below. You may answer one or all of them.
  2. The competition is initially open to students residing in Singapore (The Open category will be available later).
  3. Participants must be below 17 years of age during the year of participation. For the 2013 competition, you must have been born in 1997 or later. (The senior category will be available later)
  4. You should attempt the challenge on your own (a group catgegory will be added later).
  5. Prepare your answers preferably in  a pdf file or jpeg image. (If you use MS word, you can convert it to pdf using free online software). Your solution should be as complete as possible, with all assumptions and key steps indicated. It must be written/typed clearly.  Write your name at the top right hand corner of your solution sheet. (If your submission is illegible we might not have the time to make sense of it.)
  6. Submit your solution(s) to : in this format:
    Subject: Challenge Solution: No. X (where X is the number assigned by this website to the question).
    Body of email: Write your name, the name of your school, and date of birth. Include this declaration: "I have solved this problem by myself. My particulars provided in this email are accurate."
  7. Incomplete submissions will be disqualified.
  8. The deadline for each problem is the following week, on Wednesday, noon.
  9. One or more winners will be selected by the judges each week based on the criteria of "best first complete solution(s)", or "most creative solution(s)". There might be no winners in some weeks. The deadline might be extended at the judges discretion.
  10. Winners will be announced on this website and will be awarded the title "Challenger". Their solutions might be published on this site.
  11. Those who win the Challenger title 3 times will be awarded the `Expert' title. Mathematics Experts might be asked to skip 2 rounds to give others the opportunity.
  12. All Mathematics Experts will automatically qualify for the Champions Final to be held sometime in 2014 (yes, there will be attractive prizes!)
  13. The judges reserve the right to make changes to these rules at their discretion.

You have the right to have fun :)

Challenge Questions:
  1.  No.1 ---(deadline extended to 21 December) challenge1.pdf 
  2.  No.2 ---(deadline extended to 21 December) challenge2.pdf
  3.  No.3---(deadline extended to  21 December) challenge3.pdf