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to the website for the book ``Integrated Mathematics for Explorers" by Adeline Ng and Rajesh. R. Parwani.
This book is for mathematics lovers, but if you are not one, we hope you soon will be :).

Although it mainly targets enthusiasts in high-schools and liberal arts colleges, t
he book is structured to 
make learning interesting for students with different interests and backgrounds.
Practice questions are of various levels of complexity and include many explorations of
real-life situations: They develop understanding, build confidence and examine multiple concepts.
Challenges are included for the adventurous, while Investigations are
suggested for self-study.
The Escapades chapter contains stimulating puzzles to encourage experimentation, a list
of unsolved mathematical problems, and a collection of wonderful theorems.
Included in the book are simple tips on relaxing de-stressing and re-energising to help
keep the reader’s mind sharp

Join us in exploring the relevance of mathematics to the real world,
its beauty as a subject, the heroes, and enticing open problems!
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